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Sometimes we take for granted that everyone knows the film making process. It’s easy to get caught up in the world that’s created, which is a film makers goal, but in actuality it’s a very established methodology on the production side to make it all work. ¬†One of the most frequent scenarios is the transition from an existing exterior location to a constructed set on a sound stage. Location managers find a great building that looks fantastic on the outside, then the construction department constructs a facsimile of what the director and production designer want the interior to look like so that they can shoot all of those interior scenes from different angles. The challenge here is that you need an absolutely seamless transition from the real location to the set on the sound stage, enter the HERO door.


HERO is the film industry term for anything this is shot in close up or extreme detail. We’ll get a drawing from an art director like the one above where they’ve taken extensive photos and measurements of a location door and then want us to recreate it in exacting detail for the door on the sound stage.

Which means you often end up making many little parts like this.


And this

Applique Detail 3

To end up with a door that looks like this.

Photo Feb 05, 7 01 34 PM

On a indoor house built on a sound stage

Photo Feb 05, 7 02 04 PM

That looks like this in the movie

Pretty cool huh?

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