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LED Video Walls

For years rear projection video was the standard for business meeting and conferences.  Before that, rack upon rack of slide projectors with literally thousands of slides synchronized with complex analog controls reminiscent of 1960’s moon mission technology was the rear projection standard.


Now with the advent of LED technology we’ve been able to realize what can only be described as truly amazing business meeting backdrops!


Working with the Wilson Dow Group and Video West, we designed and produced the Scenic elements for the Amgen business meeting in the Hilton Grand Ballroom this January.


Playing off of the audience’s expectation of the standard rear projection experience, video content was formatted for the smaller rear projection format. Then, on cue with the video content, we tripped our Drape Kings full stage kabuki curtain to reveal the entire 62′ wide x 18′ tall LED video wall hiding behind.

Incorporating custom fabricated stage platforms and stairs for the presenters to play on in front of the screen allowed them to interact with the content behind them in real time which created a truly memorable stage picture.


As part of the room decor,  8′ tall x 1′ thick lettering was used as a canvas for different lighting environments which set the mood for the attendees as they entered the room.

NEXT lettering

At this point, until hologram technology is actually invented, it doesn’t get much better than this!

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