Industrial Steel Millwork for Centro Offices

Let’s talk about process.

How do you get from this.

Industrial Steel Millwork design drawing

To this ?

Industrial Steel Millwork

Interpreting a complex shape like this from a 2D Drawing to a 3D object can be a very subjective and complicated process.  We’ve found the best way to achieve this is to build a very accurate 3D virtual model first, then make a scale physical model to evaluate.

Industrial Steel Millwork CNC Routed Model

Before we fabricated this complex Industrial Steel Millwork we CNC carved this 1:20 scale model from Ren Board, a rapid prototyping material, which was then submitted to the client for review.  As good as a drawing or rendering is, nothing is better for evaluating form, proportion and scale like a physical model, something you can actually hold in your hand.

Industrial Steel Millwork shop drawings

Once the base model is approved we generate a fully engineered shop drawing package, which is then also approved.  Shop drawings spell out our exact methodology, materials, finishes and assembly order with instructions; it’s a game plan for everyone to follow.

Industrial Steel Millwork

Shop Fabrication is where it all comes together.

Industrial Steel Millwork

Lots of layout, welding and grinding.

Industrial Steel Millwork

Shipping of a completed product ready for installation.

Industrial Steel Millwork

Industrial steel millwork Installed at Centro Offices in Chicagocentro-office-industrail-steel-millwork-planters
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