Interactive Museum Robot Exhibit

Museum Interactive

We built this interactive museum exhibit!

This little android was built for a traveling exhibit hosted by the Museum of Science and Industry. With interactive museum exhibits, it always seems like even the easiest things can get super complicated— but you want them to be bullet proof! Usually, the biggest challenge with any museum interactive is reliability. Furthermore, when your audience is a child— the most destructive force in nature, it really needs to stand the test of time. For this reason, the inside needs to look as good as the outside— if not better! Reliability comes from methodical, and precision, construction coupled with extensive iterative testing.

Interactive Museum Exhibit

At Bridgewater Studio, we care about what we make.

We’re personally invested in what we make here at Bridgewater Studio. When you approach us with a project, we want to make something that you love— and that we’re proud of! For this interactive museum display, we really wanted to go above and beyond, and to make something that lasts. The fit of this paddle to the shaft is so exact that you have to completely remove the set screw to allow air in as you take it off. That type of tolerance eliminates any point of weakness where extensive use and wear might create reliability problems.

Interactive Museum Display

Museum Interactive in Action

Our interactive museum display was for the Alien Worlds and Androids exhibit. By flipping the knobs, kids can turn on the robots eyes, turn on a dial, or watch the robot’s wheel spin. It’s a wonderful way for these youngsters to learn, with instant visual feedback, how a circuit and a switch work. It felt great to know that we were giving a bunch of children a straight-forward learning device that was also a lot of fun to interact with! Hopefully we’ve helped to foster some interest in science and learning.

Alien Worlds and Androids Touring Exhibit

This is a traveling museum exhibit that showcases robots, aliens, and androids in film and science fiction. Check out their promotional video, or look at another museum interactive that we did on the Curie Point.

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