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Social Media Command Center for CES 2014

Mobile social media command center for Fleishman Hillard at CES 2014

Fleishman Hillard approached us to rework their current social media command center. Initially, our response was to think inside the box. It seems pretty simple, but what’s missing from this equation is organization. Their pop up display needs a methodical process for managing all of the equipment and creating a home for everything. Additionally, it has to be simple, clever and easy for the installers.

Naturally, our exhibition design is focused on giving our client something above and beyond their expectations. For this pop-up display, Fleishman Hillard presents social media data in an exciting and in-depth way. Our design gives Fleishman Hillard flexibility and functionality. Ultimately, we created hierarchy and generated interest while keeping attendees focused on the incredible digital interface. Lastly, we made something easy to handle and quick to install.

Social Media Command Center
CES 2014 mobile social media command center

Something a little closer to this…

Basically, the concept is to make everything self-contained in a split road case. It’s like some of the speakers you might see on a concert tour! The screens and computers used for the interactive installation are completely portable and protected. Additionally, the bottom part of the case becomes the base of the stand! This adds its own aesthetic value to the custom interactive display. It’s as easy as pulling the covers off and plugging in the hardware. Literally plug-and-play functionality. There are no more unsightly cable runs or lost parts. The hours spent unpacking and repacking are down to minutes. Plus, the support that holds up the monitors locks into the hard shell cases. This gives us and the client peace-of-mind that nothing will get damaged in transit. The trial setup for the client was a big success!

We scheduled into our exhibition design a custom clock too. CES-goers had an accurate time-keeper alongside the real-time data displayed on the screen. The developers created a totally immersive program. It gives insights into global trends in social media, queries, and other data. The attendees can walk up to the pop-up display and interact with the computers. Additionally, they have a place to charge their own computers or update their accounts and correspondence.

Social Media Command Center pop up display
Social Media Command Center time clock

Social Media Command Center for UK and Eastern US!

In the end, that first installation of the social media command center at CES 2014 was incredibly successful. We even did the exhibition design for 2 additional systems! They ended up reusing the first one at future CES events. However, there are now 2 other pop up displays in the both the United Kingdom and Eastern Unites States. Check out more of our exhibition designs for tradeshows, museums, and more. Visit our Special Projects page!

Social Media Command Center exhibition design
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