Trade Show Display | Hose Tree for ContiTech

Hose Tree by Bridgewater for ContiTech, Continental Industrial Tubing

Trade show display for ContiTech

We had the opportunity to help out Continental with this special trade show display promoting their ContiTech hosing. The tree is composed of this specialty hosing— used in industries spanning from automotive to marine. In a colorful installation, the hoses are wrapped around a central support and bound together at the “trunk”, splaying out further towards the top. When we were first approached by ContiTech, we put together this simple collage to get an idea of what they were looking for…

Testing for the Hose Tree trade show display

When were dealing with projects that have a more abstract final form, we’ll usually do a series of tests. Here, Ed and Benny are wrapping the hoses around a column at our old shop location. Eventually, this experience will give us a good feel for the materials and help us to understand how they will behave in the final assembly.

It worked! Let’s make it bigger!

After that first test, we’ll reconstruct it again in 1:1 scale. The full trade show display is about 18′ tall, so we have to know if the material can hold the same shape when all the tubes are together. Some of them are heavy! There are reinforced rubber tubes with a 4″ radius in this tree. We want it to hold its own weight at the Continental trade show event.

And of course some fine maneuvering with the forklift…

Patrick keeps the forklift steady while we lower the bound Hose Tree to prepare it for delivery. A lot of the projects we deal with are big. Luckily we’ve got plenty of people and machines to maneuver keep everything moving in and out of the shop. In fact, we just upgraded to a 15000 S.F. location with 14′ garage doors! Now our clients have a tight-knit group of professional makers meticulously crafting and finishing their projects— with the full capacities of an industrial manufacturer!

Head ’em up, move ’em out!

For any given project, we’re going to make sure it gets to you the way it left us. For the Hose Tree trade show exhibit, we cnc routed a series of jigs that fit together in a steel frame. These vertical sections kept the display still in transit. Many projects have a similarly odd shape. To prevent any damages that may occur on it’s ride to the eventual install, this is our own form of shipping insurance! For your own business’ custom trade show exhibit, give Bridgewater a call! Ring up (312) 702-1335 to start a conversation about fabricating your specialty project.

Thanks Continental for your business, and for letting us work on this awesome project! If you’re interest in some of our other trade show projects, check out our oversized prop for Amway.

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