Tradeshow Displays | Atmosphere Sky Air Treatment System by Amway

Atmosphere Sky air purification system by Amway

Tradeshow displays— giant Amway air purifier

Bridgewater Studio is very proficient with trade show displays. Recently we were asked to build a jumbo-sized prop (about 2:1 scale) of Amway’s Atmosphere Sky  air treatment system. The machine is only about 30″ tall in reality, but the client wanted to exaggerate it for the tradeshow exhibition. Here’s a concept render we received that gave us a better idea of the scale and construction.

rendered concept for tradeshow prop

Material choice and initial fabrication

For something this size and shape, foam is a useful and inexpensive building material.  We used our CNC routing skills to subtract material from a solid block of high-density foam. This is just the curved top-edge here— which was a trickier piece. As you can see, this part isn’t quite ready. Eventually, it gets cut out of the block, attached to the main body, sanded, treated, finished, and hard-coated.

high density foam for Amway air treatment system

CNC routed foam for tradeshow display

It’s coming together!

Most other trade show displays and specialty projects that are carved on the CNC router are produced in smaller, more manageable pieces. This is because of undercuts— the inability of a CNC to make cuts to the underside of a part. For this reason, the CNC programming is optimized for smaller sections that can be rotated and carved on every side. Then, like in this awesome octopus we did for the Shedd Aquarium, the foam is cemented together.

Tradeshow displays help businesses attract clients!

 At this point, the final body gets smoothed out by hand or with an orbital sander and is treated with a surface filler— kind of like spackling. Now the part is ready to be hard-coated and finished.

we make CNC'd foam end up looking like glossy plastic

final assembly for CNC routed foam

The final, finished pieces

At last, the final tradeshow prop is assembled. Three other pieces (all on caster wheels) slide together. These were all constructed in a similar fashion to our first piece. The faux filter in the back is also CNC’d foam, but the frame is water-jet cut steel finished with a tough auto-body paint. It has a ruffled pattern that’s been covered in translucent velcro strips so the speaker at the tradeshow can perform a more interactive demonstration. Afterward, we made them a plush bag (which is supposed to be dirt, dust, or bacteria) that they can toss onto the prop— and it will stick as though there’s a vacuum! Similarly, the frame in the front is held in a steel frame. The panel is a steel mesh, and we made a second little baggie with magnets for that one.

We want to keep your tradeshow displays safe on the road

Every time we ship something we end up putting as much consideration into the shipping crate as we do into the display! The one you see here had its own set of shop drawings to make sure everything stayed steady and safe on its trip to the customer. Ultimately, what we want to give you is a fantastic customer experience from start to finish.

crate for shipping CNC routed tradeshow display

Thank you IDLWW and Amway for your business, and for giving us the opportunity to work on this unique project! Check out our other tradeshow projects, including this colorful Hose Tree for ContiTech’s tradeshow booth.

final Amway tradeshow prop
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