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Colossal 3D printed sculptures take the dining experience to a new level.

Destinations by Design, an event production and destination management company, came to Bridgewater seeking two larger-than-life, ultra-detailed 3D dragons for an Asian-fusion-themed casino restaurant in Illinois.

Working from a handful of images and a block model for inspiration, we went to work creating mood boards for texture, color, and shape. Then, we used 3D visualization software to predetermine location, size, and exact positioning—to ensure a smooth installation and a seamless guest experience.


In order to nail down final color, shape, and texture decisions, our team 3D printed two precisely detailed one-inch scale maquettes, to help the client visualize the end product and sign off on each stage with confidence.

3D printed dragon sculpture

3D printed serpent sculpture

3D printed 1:12 scale maquettes contain every detail.

To build each 2600 lb sculpture, steel skeletons were engineered and fabricated using CNC fiber laser cutting machines to support each dragon. Each skeleton was fitted with cable chases for electrical wires to illuminate the dragons’ LED backlit eyes, which were 3D printed from clear resin, for full dramatic effect.

3D printed dragon sculpture fabrication

3D printing large pieces in extreme detail streamlines the assembly and finishing process.

The biggest challenge of this oversized project? Processing a huge amount of 3D data. The level of fine detail and the physical size contributed to a LOT of digital information.

By simultaneously running 10 industrial SLA 3D printers, the dragons were printed in weeks versus what could have easily taken months. And, thanks to exhaustively pre-planning fabrication and installation, the dragons required minimal finishing and were installed on-site in just 90 minutes.



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