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Bridgewater Designs and Fabricates a Collection of Colorful Mushroom Sculptures for Artist Ashley Longshore

Pop Artist Ashley Longshore has built a global brand and a loyal following with her bold work and irreverent style. Fans in the art world, in the fashion scene, and on social media are always eager to see what she will do next—and that includes us!

Ashley Longshore Mushrooms 1

That’s why it was such a thrill to partner with Ashley on a new project, bringing her vision of custom designed 3D mushroom sculptures to life. The colorful pieces would echo a motif in the painting Audrey with Red Mushroom Headdress, one of her popular portraits featuring the iconic Audrey Hepburn.

Ashley Longshore Mushrooms 2

The mushroom sculptures were fabricated with 3D sculpting, using our versatile 7-axis CNC robot to carve the forms and add intricate details. From there, each piece was hand-sculpted to produce flawless surfaces, and completed with hard coating and finishing. Finally, each sculpture was carefully packed and shipped for display at Longshore Studio Gallery, Ashley’s New Orleans studio.

Ashley Longshore Mushrooms 3

As always, we owned the entire process to ensure optimal results:

  • Concept Development
  • 2D + 3D Visualization
  • Graphic Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Theme Design
  • 3D Printing Services
  • 3D Sculpting Services
  • 3D Mesh + Surface Modelling
  • 3D CAD + Solid Modeling
  • Mesh-to-Solid conversion
  • CNC and Robotics Programming
  • UV Printing
  • Vinyl Wrapping
  • Abrasion Resistant Lamination
  • Anti-Graffiti Printing
  • Maquette Creation
  • Shop Drawing Services
  • Functional Prototype Service
  • Prototyping Materials
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Painting/Finishing
  • Powder Coating Services
  • Custom Vacuum Forming Services
  • Laser Cutting Service
  • CNC + Robot machining
  • Foam Hard Coating
  • Plastics Fabrication
  • Project Estimation + Budgeting
  • Project Management Services
  • Cloud-Based Client Project Portal
  • Project Install Manual Creation
  • Logistics Management Services

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