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CAMP & Bluey: The Immersive Experience

When CAMP approached Bridgewater Studio to help bring Bluey—the BBC’s wildly popular animated series—to life at their LA location, and then across the country … we jumped in with both feet. Or should we say, four paws?


The Challenge

The most significant challenge was taking a world-renowned and much-beloved character that exists to fans in a very real way on-screen, and turning that IP into an authentic, real-life, 3D experience. It required the utmost attention to detail, close collaboration with IP stakeholders, and careful consideration of materials and execution.


Strategically we needed to balance what material choices and process options were best for staying true to the integrity of the characters and aesthetics of the show with the reality that every interactive element would need to be both durable and safe for CAMP’s primary target audience – kids. 

Early concept image


CAMP’s internal team handled the design, getting the required sign-offs from the BBC, before any production began. Our task was to work closely with CAMP to stay true to their concept as we determined the best means and methods to bring this traveling experience to life.

Rendering image


As a touring immersive experience, all elements had to look permanent but function impermanently. Plus, they would need to be reconfigured and reassembled quickly, with surfaces that could be touched up easily. Additionally, some flexibility and modularity were required, since each store’s footprint and square footage are unique. We provided all elements of digital fabrication and production including 3D printing, 2D graphics, paint, and finishing, as well as managed shipping logistics and installation.

Fabrication image

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