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A Larger Than Life Family Experience

At Bridgewater Studio, we’re all kids at heart … so, when CAMP asked us to create a 10-foot tall, climbable, soft play popcorn wall for a retail store experience, we jumped at the chance.


CAMP tapped our end-to-end capabilities to complete the project, which included design development, production strategy, prototyping, fabrication, and installation. The result was a seamless process that made use of 3D modeling, 3D printing, CNC services, and more.


A highly tactile, kid-worthy experience does come with challenges, however. Not only did the oversized popcorn need to be soft enough to enable safe play, it had to be durable enough to withstand continuous use (and abuse!). Extensive materials prototyping and molding tests resulted in the perfect combination of fun and functionality.


The entire experience also needed to be built for travel, as it would rotate between numerous CAMP store locations. This was achieved by building pieces designed for ease of storage, transport, and assembly. To ensure an optimal process, our team personally shipped and installed the experience at the first CAMP store.

 Finished Project image 1  Finished Project image 2  Finished Project image 3

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