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Creating a Magical Scene at CAMP Stores

CAMP is more than a retail store, it’s an entertainment destination for kids of all ages. So, when they needed an oversized, interactive snow globe and wall for their Disney’s Mickey & Friends experience, our imaginations went wild.


The Steamboat Willie theme harkened back to the earliest days of Disney animation, but the experience would be created with cutting-edge technology. Our plan called for the boat and water elements to be designed initially as 3D models, so we could explore multiple iterations in extreme detail.


Once approved, our team quickly produced the snow globe parts on our industrial SLA 3D printers, built the mechanical framework to add motion, and programmed all interactive behaviors. Behind the snow globe, a custom, recycling snowfall effect wall completes the experience.

Partnering with CAMP is always a blast, because we leverage the full gamut of our experience design, production, and strategy capabilities. On this project, design development, production strategy, mechanical engineering, prototyping, fabrication, lighting, programming and installation were all central to the execution.

Testimonial Image
“Let’s face it, building large traveling experiential shows is a pain the ass. Success means an incredibly coordinated consortium of partners with a high pain tolerance and an anything-is-possible mentality. Bridgewater is one of CAMP's not-so-secret weapons—and if they fuck us over they promised they’ll take this testimonial down.”


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