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An Interactive Art Installation Where Color Meets Curiousity

Color Factory Chicago approached Bridgewater Studio to be a design development and fabrication partner on Yuri Suzuki's "Bright Noise" installation—a fascinating, immersive experience that invites guests to explore the connection between what they see and hear.

The Challenge

Yuri's team provided design intent and concept renderings for an interactive experience in which participants would pass through a small hallway of brightly colored horns. The challenge: As guests navigate through the space, the horns must respond to every movement with different light effects and curated ambient sounds.
Early concept image

Like most of the immersive experiences we create, this interactive art installation required the full use of our creative and technical problem solving capabilities. We provided build strategy, engineering, fabrication, software development, hardware sourcing, lighting integration, interactivity, prototyping, and local installation.

Rendering image

The final result comprises a chorus of 55 horns in 6 different colors, each color reflecting a different sonic timbre. Bright sounds are paired with vibrant colors and mellow sounds are paired with subdued colors, with each sound triggering a subtle lighting illumination, creating an immediate connection between color and sound for the viewer.

As more people enter the room, more sounds are triggered and the effect intensifies—creating a true one-of-a-kind experience for every guest!

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