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A Fitting Experience for Luxury Golf Apparel

Luxury golf clothing brand G/FORE is known for its modern, disruptive take on traditional golf apparel. They came to Bridgewater Studio with a bold in-store concept for their flagship location in West Palm Beach, and needed a partner with deep expertise in digital fabrication.

The Challenge

Produce a series of artful retail displays featuring precise replicas of G/FORE products.

A highly stylized storefront features two types of branded shoes on mannequin legs set among custom scenic elements. The retail interior features oversized product replicas—a branded shoe, a branded golf glove, and a branded hat—all matched to the G/FORE color palette.


This was a project made for Bridgewater Studio’s digital fabrication workflow. The ability to previsualize, make real-time design changes, and approve key steps remotely made it easy to coordinate between Chicago, Florida, and the brand’s headquarters in L.A.

Early concept image

First, we 3D scanned G/FORE product samples to create precise digital models. Next, we placed the digital shoes on digital mannequin legs, staging them in a virtual 3D model of the storefront. We hosted a live design previsualization session with the client to arrange everything exactly how they wanted and—BOOM—approved and ready for production!

Rendering image
The final objects were sliced to a .1mm resolution for output to multiple top-down industrial SLA resin 3D printers to ensure maximum speed, accuracy, and structural integrity. Then, our finishing team color-matched all items to brand specifications. Finally, everything was packed for safe transport along with detailed installation documentation.

The end result was not only a bold, exciting, and memorable retail experience … it was a testament to the amazing possibilities that a complete digital fabrication workflow can open up. A seamless process with a perfect outcome, delivered from 1,300 miles away.
Fabrication image

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