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An Immersive Destination for Fans of The Hunger Games

Thinkwell Group tapped Bridgewater’s Media and Technology division to contribute to an immersive, location-based entertainment experience for The Hunger Games movies and IP. Our team developed three specific media interactives within the larger exhibition which was originally located in Discovery Times Square but was slated to travel to different cities throughout its lifespan. 

The three attractions we created included a Gamemaker’s Control Table – a circular interactive table that allows guests to see behind-the-scenes moments with actors, experience Panem in 3D, and even activate “Muttations.” The second experience, deemed the “Propaganda Lab” allows participants to make a short video clip of themselves as contestants in the Games. And finally, an interactive map of Panem, a user-controlled exploration of the districts and the governing capital area.



The Challenge

The main challenge was to stay true to the authentic look and feel of the franchise without the luxury of any original assets from the films. We painstakingly recreated elements from the Hunger Games movies by watching them repeatedly and replicating the original animations and aesthetics.


Since The Hunger Games Exhibition was intended as an immersive experience to appeal to fans of all ages and depths of interest, it was vital to create content that would meet the wide potential of fan interest – from discovering more about the actors and how specific scenes were made to enabling guests to create their own ‘propo’ videos and unleash ‘muttations’ as game makers. Additionally, since the exhibit was intended for large crowds and rotating destinations, all elements had to be extremely durable, easy to disassemble and transport and user-friendly to maintain – all of which shaped our materials and technology choices.

Early concept image


While Thinkwell provided the overall design intent, floorplan, and direction for the experience, our team fine-tuned the elements specific to these three interactives, specified and provided all the technology, and developed all the content within each. This included recreating specific assets from the movie, designing the user experience interfaces, and creating all the content within each experience.

Rendering image


When it was time to bring it all together, our team was responsible for sourcing the hardware, programming the software, and integrating the show control. To bring the content to life, we leveraged several 3D tools including depth sensing software, Maya software, and the Unity game engine. Additionally, we set the project up for long-term success and hassle-free maintenance by installing watchdog software with remote access built-in, allowing the client to troubleshoot from afar. 

Fabrication image

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