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Quotient Technology

A Media-Rich Meeting Space for Quotient Technology

Quotient Technology approached our Media & Technology team to create a conference room designed to impress potential investors and showcase their subsidiary brand, Coupons.com. Working within the confines of a small space, our goal was to maximize the experience for guests by creating an enveloping, multi-sensory display that brought the story of Coupons.com to life.

The resulting presentation space features a curved wall of overlapping LED screens with motion sensor controls, allowing speakers to customize their presentations and seamlessly merge visual content with their message.



The Challenge

There were several technical challenges with this project. First, to get a cohesive, crisp image across a curved series of screens that stretched from floor to ceiling we had to use 5 projectors in portrait mode and then blend the image seamlessly. Next, we had to bring ambient light into the room to allow people to safely see and navigate through the space without the light interfering with the projections. Finally, we had to figure out how to allow presenters to control content with gestures, a problem we solved by employing 3 laser sensors to detect movement across various planes.


Although we rely heavily on digital tools, many of our ideas still begin with pencil and paper. For this project, we started by sketching out the size, shape, and curve of the screen based on the dimensions of the room. Then, we conducted a site visit to confirm measurements and explore other important constraints, including natural light and acoustics. Finally, we examined the best possible way to meet all of the client’s goals within their budget.

Early concept image


For the design phase, we began by translating our pencil sketches into precise 3D models, allowing us to determine the ideal proportions for the confines of the small room. We experimented with different sizes and shapes for the individual screens, as well as how they all fit together as one surface. From 15 or so initial designs, we landed on one, then went to work creating the visual content, lighting elements, and sound design that would bring the brand's story to life.

Rendering image


Because the screen was designed with multiple surfaces at various depths, the projectors had to be equipped with different focal lengths and the content had to be warped and mapped separately for each. To ensure all video and graphic elements would come together seamlessly, we modeled everything in Cinema 4D and mapped video files in After Effects to visualize precisely how the projectors would work. The show control for this project was sophisticated and extensive – requiring 6 PCs controlled by a tablet on the wall or through the gestures of a presenter in the room. 

The result was a high-tech, fully immersive tool that allowed Coupons.com to woo and wow potential investors and tell its brand story in a compelling and unique way.

Fabrication image

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