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Elevating the Visitor Experience for Michigan Alumni

Jack Porter hired our Media and Technology division to develop and install the digital technology integrations within a larger renovation of the University of Michigan’s Alumni Center. This included an interactive “Immersion Room" with a curved-wall LED display and key components of the welcome center – a dynamic video projection wall and a bespoke interactive media table. The goal was to modernize an existing building with responsive displays and provide an engaging space for alumni to gather, connect, and celebrate the many generations of UM graduates. 


The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges in this project was successfully creating a dynamic video projection in a room flooded with natural light and onto a curved, textured wooden wall to create a glowing effect. All graphics had to be created specifically to work with the undulating wall so that the texture and curves wouldn’t distort the digital content.


One of our primary tasks was to match the materials on two different surfaces featuring two different technologies. The surfaces needed to appear identical and the technology needed to work flawlessly, despite functioning in wholly unique ways.

Early concept image


While Jack Porter provided the overall design concept, our team was tasked with handling all the wiring design, software development, and show control programming, in addition to selecting all equipment and hardware. Our team developed custom software to integrate with the University’s existing CRM, enabling the Center to collect data from visitors and create a more personalized guest experience. In the Immersion Room, our team enabled the University to control and update the content easily online.

Rendering image


Bridgewater was on site for the assembly and installation of all media and technology components, including fitting all hardware and show control devices into an easily accessible but discreet closet, testing software integration and motion-controlled devices, and ensuring the immersion room LED wall was positioned and scaled appropriately for the space. As always, the client was provided with a service-level agreement to keep the experience running seamlessly.

Fabrication image

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