Why Top Brands are Flocking to Immersive Entertainment [Examples]

Why Top Brands are Flocking to Immersive Entertainment [Examples]
by Brian Dressel / April 18, 2024

Immersive experiences are sparking a seismic cultural shift that creative brands can't afford to ignore. Consumers of the future expect seamless integration of digital and physical worlds, making experiences the new status currency. With technology now outpacing our biological evolution, mainstream audiences are craving novel ways to engage their senses, inspire them to leave the house, stoke curiosity, and meaningfully connect—offline as much as online. And the last thing brands want to deliver today’s customers is an average experience.

The most visionary brands understand this tectonic shift and are getting ahead of the curve by embracing immersive entertainment. From BMW’s Opera for All events to Pepsi's "Black Mirror"-esque “Choose Love” campaign, industry leaders are stretching traditional marketing playbooks and rewriting the rules of engagement. Read on to discover how innovative experiential marketing campaigns are building cultural cachet, customer loyalty, and competitive advantage for leading brands in unexpected ways.


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What is Immersive Entertainment?

Immersive entertainment refers to a new wave of experiences that aim to fully engage the senses, blurring the lines between the audience and the content. It involves creating interactive, sensory-rich environments that envelop participants, providing a more lifelike and captivating experience. These experiences often take place in dedicated physical locations, offering dynamic and shareable activities that captivate modern audiences.


Why Immersive Entertainment is a Win for Brands

  1. Bolsters Brand Awareness: Immersive experiences command an audience’s full attention, a feat quite scarce yet undeniably valuable in the modern marketing landscape. Achieving this level of engagement ensures participants are not just present but fully immersed, linking unforgettable, in-the-moment encounters directly with your brand. This is why it's becoming the playbook of choice—the results are undeniable. It simply works.
  2. Engages Customers on a Deeper Level: The goal of immersive entertainment is to create a space where participants choose to engage. This voluntary entrance into a brand's world fosters a potent blend of emotional resonance and personal investment. Beyond passive viewing, immersive entertainment invites participation, turning observers into active participants. This deeper level of engagement fosters a powerful emotional connection to the brand, elevating customer relationships from transactional to transformational. 
  3. Elevates Brand Loyalty: In a world awash with choices, loyalty is the gold standard. Immersive experiences create lasting memories, which become stories that consumers share. Each shared story intertwines personal identities with brand narratives, forging a loyalty that isn’t easily swayed by competitors' offerings.
  4. Provides Unforgettable Experiences: The hallmark of immersive entertainment is its ability to transport participants to other worlds, if only for a moment. These unforgettable experiences become the stories that customers share with friends, family, and followers, amplifying brand visibility and reinforcing brand desirability through word-of-mouth.
  5. Differentiates from Competitors: In a marketplace where products and services increasingly appear homogeneous, immersive entertainment offers brands a distinctive edge. By crafting unique, immersive worlds around their products and services, brands can break free from the conventional, standing out in a crowded space and capturing customers’ imaginations worldwide.


Immersive Entertainment: 5 Brilliant Examples from Innovative Brands


Monopoly Lifesized

Monopoly Lifesized offers an interactive, larger-than-life board game experience that perfectly illustrates how blending analog classics with the cutting-edge can yield massive engagement and brand rejuvenation. By allowing participants to "walk" through the streets, complete challenges, and buy properties, it rejuvenates a familiar family board game into a full-bodied, engaging experience. This London-based innovation bridges generations, appealing to both nostalgic older players and tech-savvy younger participants. The success of this venture for the Monopoly brand lies in its ability to create a shared, tangible space where the digital and physical realms coalesce, offering uniquely immersive experiences that leave lasting memories and forge a deeper, more personal connection with the brand.



Lego Discovery Center Atlanta

At the Lego Discovery Center Atlanta, the brand transforms its iconic building blocks into an immersive playground that extends the creative experience beyond the living room floor. By inviting visitors into a world where Lego creations come to life—from a Duplo park and Pirate Ship to an entire mini-world constructed from Legos—this destination amplifies the brand's ethos of imagination and innovation. The addition of activities like creating custom characters and engaging with VR car racing and 4D movies further personalizes the experience, making it not just interactive but also highly memorable. This immersive strategy elevates the Lego brand by embedding it into the experiential memories of families, thereby strengthening customer loyalty and setting a high benchmark in the realm of branded entertainment.



Hasbro City

Hasbro City is a pioneering theme park where rides, shows, and games are all based on Hasbro’s extensive intellectual property portfolio. This unique destination brings to life beloved characters and stories in an unprecedented manner, from themed restaurants and stores like Potato Head Deli to live entertainment featuring iconic characters. By enveloping visitors in a world crafted from its brand narratives, Hasbro creates a multi-sensory experience that resonates on a deeply emotional level. The success of Hasbro City as a brand extension lies in its ability to physically immerse consumers in its universe, generating vivid memories and emotional bonds that transcend traditional marketing, making Hasbro not just a product brand but a central figure in the landscape of family entertainment.



Adidas Ozworld Experience

The Adidas Ozworld Experience stands out as a groundbreaking integration of AI and virtual reality in the realm of fashion and personal identity. Collaborating with Ready Player Me, Adidas enables users to create custom avatars based on their personality traits instead of their physical appearance. These avatars can animate, digitally try on merchandise, and even cross into other metaverse platforms, showcasing interoperability with a range of virtual worlds. This innovative approach not only underlines Adidas's commitment to inclusivity and personal expression but also solidifies its position at the forefront of digital innovation in the retail space. Through the Ozworld Experience, Adidas transcends traditional e-commerce to offer a uniquely engaging and personalized brand interaction that genuinely connects with its digitally native audience, reinforcing brand loyalty in a competitive digital landscape.



SoFi Stadium Tours

SoFi Stadium Tours offer unparalleled immersive fan experiences, providing an intimate glimpse into the heart of one of the most innovative sports and entertainment venues in the world. Through expertly guided tours, visitors are not only afforded the rare opportunity to explore the state-of-the-art facilities, including the locker room, press area, and the awe-inspiring field itself, but they also experience the thrill of 'running the tunnel' – a dream come true for many sports enthusiasts. Elevating the experience further, interactive technology is seamlessly integrated at every turn, most notably through Augmented Reality (AR) enhanced photo kiosks, allowing fans to capture images with their favorite NFL players. This groundbreaking approach not only deepens fans' connections with the venue and teams but also reshapes the standards of fan interaction, positioning SoFi Stadium at the forefront of blending technological innovation with sports fandom.


In conclusion, the surge towards immersive entertainment is not a fleeting trend but a significant cultural evolution that top brands are leveraging to transcend the traditional marketing landscape. By offering awe-inspiring experiences that seamlessly blend digital and physical realities, these pioneers are not only elevating brand awareness but are also deepening customer engagement, boosting loyalty, and differentiating themselves in a saturated market. The remarkable examples highlighted, from Monopoly Lifesized to Adidas's Ozworld Experience, underscore the endless possibilities and competitive edge that immersive campaigns can deliver. Whether crafting worlds of unparalleled wonder or embedding consumers in the heart of their brand story, the potential for impact is boundless. 

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