CNC Routing and 7 Axis Machining

Simply stated, there is no one in Chicago that knows more about CNC routing than we do.

We have over 20 years experience CNC routing 2D as well as 3D designs into almost any material you can think of: Wood, Foam, Sintra, Acrylic, Aluminum, Bronze, MDF, Plywood, Composites and Renboard.

We have 4 x 8 and two 5 x 10 CNC Routers running simultaneously alongside a 7 Axis Kuka Robotic Cell with Milling and Hot Wire capabilities.  We offer quick turnarounds and can usually work with almost any format digital file you have.

We also have the tallest gantry clearance on any CNC Router in Chicago allowing us to cut and 3D carve base materials up to 13″ thick and Machine life sized or larger shapes with the 7 Axis Kuka Robot.

Our expertise with 3D carving, polygon meshes and texture mapping also allows us to rapidly do things that other vendors say cannot be done.

Send us your drawings or concepts for a quote and let us know when you need it, we’ll figure out a way to meet your deadline. We are the only full service digital fabrication studio in Chicago.

If you need CNC Routing design or drafting services we can help you with that as well.

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